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    Tink Calls Out Hitmaka for Alleged Physical Altercation

    Tink Spills the Tea on Drama with Hitmaka

    You won’t believe what just went down on Instagram Live. Tink, the talented rapper and singer, spilled some major drama about her close friend and music producer, Hitmaka. It was like a juicy movie scene right there on our screens!

    So, here’s the scoop. Tink was really upset, and she let it all out during her live session. She didn’t hold back. It seems like something seriously bad happened between her and Hitmaka. We’re talking about a possible fight or some really not-so-great stuff that made her super angry.

    Tink turned to her fans for support, and she wanted to make it clear that she’s always been super dedicated to her music and her buddy, Hitmaka. But something happened recently that really shook her trust in him. The surprising part is that Tink hinted that she’d been warned about working with him before. Like, what’s the deal? What’s been going on behind the scenes?

    Now, let’s talk about how Tink sees her music dreams. She’s all about making fantastic tunes, but it seems like Hitmaka might be more into making money. And this isn’t just a one-time thing – Tink suggested that this drama had been going on since May. That’s quite a long time for things to be going wrong!

    But here’s the exciting part. Tink isn’t giving up on her music. She promised her fans that she’s got some fresh jams coming our way. She’s asking us to have her back through all this drama, and we totally should!

    This whole Instagram Live thing isn’t just celebrity gossip. It’s a look into how tough it can be when you’re a famous artist working with others in the music world. Tink speaking out shows us that even when things get tough, artists like her keep pushing for their music dreams no matter what. It’s all about staying true to your passion and not letting anything or anyone get in your way. You go, Tink!


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