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    Timothy Isaiah Wants All The Smoke In ‘Ropes’ Visual

    West Palm Florida rapper Timothy Isaiah should be at the top of the discussion when debating who is the most consistent rising artist. Even though he’s based in the A now, his talent isn’t defined by where he’s from. Often, artists are only popular where they’re from, but that is not Timothy Isaiah. He can go to any city and shut shit down!

    Song after song, he shows that he has that relentless tenacity needed to go to the next level. Timothy first started releasing music in 2017, which was 5 years ago. He has progressed so much as an artist since then! His subject matter has evolved, but what’s even more noticeable is how he taught himself to increase the rate he raps. His energy reminds me of Dreamville rapper J.I.D. Both of them can rap at a rapid pace, and you can still fluently hear every word they spit. Dreamville might need to keep their eye on Timothy! He’s cut from a similar cloth and could be a part of the lyrical elite.

    A Look at Ropes Visual

    Just recently, Timothy revisited one of his previous releases, “Ropes,” with a brand-new music video. I’m glad he circled back because he was not doing the song its full justice by not doing visuals for it! Directed by Adante, this is not your typical music video. There is a whole storyline to follow. Let me paint the picture of why it’s worth checking out!

    The cinematic video starts with Timothy training in a family boxing gym, but he is rudely interrupted by a disrespectful white man. He claims he is here to evict them, and that the only way to prevent it is if Timothy fights him in a boxing match. Not exaggerating, I was impressed by this video. It feels like you’re watching a smaller budget version of “Creed”. Timothy does his best MBJ impression and gets to show off his acting chops. The best part about the video was seeing him annihilate his verse! The dude has bars for days.

    If you happen to enjoy real rap and also appreciate dope cinematography, they meant this video for you.

    Follow the West Palm artist Timothy Isaiah on Instagram.


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