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    Throwback Thursday: Top 5 Wu-Tang Clan Songs

    Throwback Thursday: 90s Rap Classics

    Your Thursdays are about to get a bit better from now on. HypeFresh will be getting active on throwback Thursday by posting articles for top songs of older artists.

    Nothing against new hip-hop but I personally love the old-school stuff. Even if you prefer new music there’s no denying the skills of rappers from the 1990s. The Wu-Tang Clan is one of the best rap groups out there, and for sure dropped some heat during the 90s. Check out the below list for the top 5 Wu-Tang Clan songs.

    Enter the 36 Chambers: Top 5 Wu-Tang Clan Songs

    5. “Da Mystery of Chessboxin”

    This track showcases the classic Wu-Tang style of sampling of old kung-fu films. RZA is an extremely talented producer that helped bring a distinct tone to the group in its early days. “Da Mystery of Chessboxin” features a grainy beat that the group is able to slice up with quick and skillful lyrics.

    4. “Protect Ya Neck”

    This song is one of the group’s bigger hits. “Protect Ya Neck” is from the Wu-Tang’s first album Enter the 36 Chambers, a total classic. I recommend giving it a listen if you haven’t already. You can hear various members going off on the beat, each bringing their own unique flow. Watch the music video for the song below.

    3. “Triumph” feat. CappaDonna

    The track “Triumph” showcases six minutes of lyrical precision from different members of the Wu-Tang. The song features CappaDonna, basically the 10th member of the group. The song is my personal favorite of the LP it’s on, Wu-Tang Forever.

    2. “Diesel”

    This song features a few members of the Wu-Tang, but my personal favorite of the group, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, absolutely kills it. ODB opens the song with an aggressively delightlful verse. The other rappers provide some solid back-drop for ODB to jump in with his eccentric energy and flow.

    1. “Tearz”

    Overall this is just a great song. The sample used for “Tearz” is random, yet works perfectly. The song opens with a sad site of someone dying. The verses continue to describe the unfortunate ways that people they have known have passed away. “Tearz” was recently in Jonah Hill’s movie Mid-90s. Check out the trailer that has the song featured in it.

    Final Thoughts

    The Wu-Tang Clan definitely isn’t anyone to f**k with. These top 5 Wu-Tang Clan songs are just a sample of the group’s hits. Give them a listen to hear some of their best songs, and if you like to check out some of their albums. Many members of the Wu-Tang Clan have their own individual albums that are also a great listen. If you are struggling for whose to check out I suggest looking into work by Ghostface Killah, Method Man, and Raekwon to start things off.

    Stay tuned for future throwback Thursday lists of top songs by older artists.

    What do you guys have to say though?

    Are you digging these throwback tracks? What song from the above list is your favorite? And were there any songs that you feel should’ve made the list instead?

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