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    The Underrated Impact of Jamal Crawford on the Culture

    Many grew up wanting to imitate the game style or play of Jamal “Crossover” Crawford. In 2001, Crawford who many believed would feel at the top of the world, instead was feeling under duress and extremely anxious. After having an up-and-down rookie season, still hadn’t cracked the starting lineup in Chicago. However, he still managed to catch the famous Michael Jordan’s eye. Over time it appears Jordan grew a liking to his game and decided to take him under his wing, according to the Boardroom.

    “My dad said Michael Jordan was a fan of my game,” Crawford shared with Boardroom. “I didn’t believe him. How would he even know?”

    Unrelated, Crawford’s father, Clyde Crawford, happen to be friends with one of Jordan’s closest friend. Therefore, they were able to make that connection between the two and the rest is history. Crawford admitted since Jordan began watching closely and admiring his game the Chicago Bulls didn’t lose since.

    “After that moment, we never lost a single game,” Crawford stated. “Two summers in a row, we were unbeatable. Not once.”

    For the better or worse, Crawford’s ego began to swell and his confidence, as well. This only made him more dangerous of a player than he already was.

    “I could feel the leap in real-time, because playing with him, you’re always on edge,” Crawford stated. “He’s the greatest player ever, and he boosts your confidence. He trusts you with game-winning shots.” Did I have the approval of the GOAT? My confidence skyrocketed. I knew that in that season, I would excel.

    Unsettling Events for Jamal Crawford

    Crawford suffered an ACL injury that set him back just weeks before the start of his second season in the NBA. As he began rehab and tried to return the encouragement from his peers

    “Back then, an ACL injury was as serious as an Achilles injury is today,” Crawford explained. “Recovery required flawless execution.”

    However, to lift his spirits his close friend, William Wesley, knew how to raise the spirit of Crawford. He understood he couldn’t allow this injury to derail his future and career, yet, it was visible that the I jury began affecting Crawford mentally. What transpired next many wouldn’t believe.

    “I was injured, but this was before my surgery,” Crawford recalled. “Uncle Wes was sitting by a black truck, and as I approached, a window rolled down, and there was Jay-Z. I instinctively took a step back and exclaimed, ‘Oh, wow!'”

    Jay-Z meets Crawford

    Prior to Crawford’s surgery, the profound and well-recognized artist Jay-Z was also working on the final touches of the classic album, The BluePrint. Crawford idolized Jay-Z and was a fan of his since he’s been in high school. Crawford fell in love with Hov’s first studio album ever, Reasonable Doubt.

    “He would play Reasonable Doubt every day,” Crawford shared. “That’s how I first got introduced to Jay. When I returned to Seattle in 1996, it was like reconnecting with the city, and I had that album on repeat. It felt like Jay and I were on the same journey. In 1996, my life took a turn, and I truly started believing I could make it to the professional league.”

    Jay-Z embraced and recognized him and used him as inspiration moments throughout the album to create what many recognize today as a masterpiece. One day, Crawford will get the respect he rightfully deserves.


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