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    The Spirit Of Black Rob Will Never Die In Hip-Hop

    Driving 100 miles per hour in my convertible Aston Martin DB11 on the 405 Highway blaring “WOAH” by Black Rob is a hip-hop energy rush.

    Weaving through traffic on Friday night in California is always stressful. Playing classic rap songs keeps me calm during the two-hour traffic jam.

    Listening to “WOAH” by Black Rob reminds me of his musical genius.

    During the late 90s, only one song defined Harlem, New York street life, and classic hip-hop. “WOAH.” Creating a song is simple in music. However, developing a movement makes you a legend.

    Coming of age marks the journey of a king or queen in life. Beginning in 1999, he dropped Life Story and provided Bad Boy Records with another classic hip-hop body of work.

    Selling over 2,000,000 copies of his debut album certified the Harlem MC worldwide. Black Rob possessed a versatile rapping delivery which enabled him to create a mass appeal flow.

    Using his street-life experience combined with a distinctive voice allowed Black Rob to be a one-of-one. I switch songs to “Muscle Game” as the traffic moves inch-by-inch. Playing back these timeless records brings joy and pain to my heart. His music influenced millions of people during the golden era of hip-hop.

    Hearing his lyrics in 2022 feels surreal because nobody can match his style. Listening to Black Rob on any track you feel his grit, grind, and appetite for life. Only a select few are “born to rap.”

    Hip-hop music is sheer poetry in audio motion. Speaking your truth into existence is extremely difficult and makes rap music unparalleled.

    Booming the epic single “Life Story” before the heavens details his journey through darkness and finding proverbial light. Every time a Black Rob record plays in New York, the city of Harlem smiles.


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