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    The Philadelphia Eagles Just Got A Whole Lot Better

    The star CB James Bradberry reaches a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, reported Adam Schefter for ESPN. He signed with the Eagles for one year for $7.5 million with an additional $7.25 million guaranteed. The former New York Giants CB had initially 11 teams show interest before signing with the Eagles. However, the Philadelphia Eagles not only have one of the best drafts but now they have filled holes in their defense that needed addressing. His agents clarify from the 11 teams they narrowed the decisions down to three.

    The Giants released Bradberry, on May 9, because they felt they couldn’t get the value for him they wanted. While many acknowledged his talent and value, many weren’t willing to give up what the Giants were asking for. Evidently, he may have taken that personal and signed with division rivals and looking to make things right this upcoming season.

    What does this mean for the Philadelphia Eagles?

    The CB tandem they have in Philly can be seen as one of the best in the NFL, as of now. Their Pro-Bowl CB Darius Slay and now Bradberry joining the mix alongside defensive studs they possess. Due to the Giants making him available, the Eagles may have capitalized on the biggest FA remaining on the market currently. There’s no secret the Eagles struggled in the passing game. It was simply because they lacked interior pressure, as well as, legitimate DBs. After this latest draft, they not only have both but they’re also good in cap space going forward.

    The move for the Giants was more about the money than the talent of the player. The 28-year-old was set to make $13.5 million this season, instead, he’s making $14 million with $2.5 million in incentives this season. However, while this move was very beneficial for the Eagles this opened up ample cap space ($21.9 million) for the Giants.

    Things will be Interesting in 2022

    It seems both teams were happy with the outcomes. This will only prove to add to the already heated rivalry their two teams have. The Giants aren’t expected to do much this season as they begin to rebuild under the Brian Daboll reign. However, the Eagles are prepped and ready to improve as they have made monster moves to improve this offseason.

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