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    The Next James Bond May Actually Be Idris Elba

    It looks as though millions of people may still get their wish of a black James Bond. An even better wish if it were none other than Idris Elba.

    According to Daily Express, the longtime James Bond producer, Barbara Broccoli states that “it is time” for a black actor to reimage the iconic role of James Bond. After speaking with Denzel Washington, this could actually make room for Idris Elba.

    Antoine Fuqua said that he’s surprised a black Bond has yet to be cast. But given the current racial sentiments in America, we know the reason. Incongruent with the words of Fuqua, America has just received Black Panther, a clear indicator that change sometimes takes too long.

    Given that Daniel Craig, who’s portrayed Bond since 2006, is slated to take on the role in the 2019 adaptation, the 13-year run needs to be reimaged. It’s been entirely too long for this move. For the past few years, an array of fans have asked for Elba to portray 007. It may still be in the works, but according to sources, top Hollywood directors are certain this change could happen for sure.

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