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    The NBA Has Transcended The NFL as “America’s Sport”

    The NFL is losing its clout. Last season’s Super Bowl was the league’s least-viewed since the Steelers and the Cardinals in 2009. To top that, the year’s season opener between the Eagles and Falcons was the lowest rated since 2008. Meanwhile, the NBA is ascending in the culture based on viewership and age. According to SportsBusiness Daily , the NBA’s average viewer is 42 as compared to the NFL’s average viewer is 50. Football, however, is increasingly losing out for obvious reasons.

    First, NFL games are concerned with protecting “The Shield” than the player’s health. The league has made multiple attempts to remove itself from CTE studies and dealing with the punishment for domestic violence cases.

    Then, there’s Colin Kaepernick absence. Let’s be honest, it is still haunting the league. The NFL seems to oppose Nike. And since, younger viewers have realized that Kaepernick was never protesting the flag or anthem. It was always about police brutality and the systematic oppression of minorities, not disrespecting the troops.

    The NFL even went to the extent of installing a new national anthem policy. The NBA has placed a rule in effect that encourages players to speak up about social issues. NFL players, on the other hand, are more likely to be fined and deemed a distraction if they “voice their opinion about social issues.”

    The NBA has its downfalls as well, but it has a while to go to match the NFL ratings. As the NFL tries to figure out how to remain relevant and speak to a younger audience, it should take a lead from the NBA and embrace hip-hop and social media. The goal is to speak to this younger generation. But, soon enough, we will be calling basketball “America’s new sport.”


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