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    The Late Gangsta Boo Honored With Clothing Line: RIP the Legend

    The recent death of Three 6 Mafia rap pioneer Gangsta Boo, real name Lola Mitchell, was mourned Friday night by family, friends and fans at a celebration of her life. Hundreds showed up at Railgarten on Cooper-Young to honor her legacy.

    Those who knew the Memphis-born rapper said she left her mark on the music industry and helped pave the way for women. Those close to her said she was also passionate about seeing others grow and succeed in life, especially young Black women.

    1. Gangsta Boo’s “Where Dem Dollas At” T-Shirt

    Boo, whose real name is Lola Mitchell, was one of the first Southern female lyricists to break out in the hip-hop scene. Being part of Three 6 Mafia from 1991 until 2001, she later parted ways with the group in 2002 to dedicate herself to a flourishing solo career.

    She was a key figure in Memphis rap, delivering edgy, energetic raps that made her an energetic Memphis counterpart to Philadelphia rapper Eve, Brooklyn’s Lil Kim and Miami’s Trina.

    Celebrating her achievements, Gangsta Boo is bestowed with a clothing line that pays tribute to her legacy. Discover more: #HonoringExcellence ✨👑

    Her inaugural album, titled “Enquiring Minds,” was unleashed in 1998 under the Hypnotize Minds label. The album enjoyed swift triumph, fueled by the chart-topping single “Where Dem Dollas At.” It featured DJ Paul and Juicy J, who sampled a popular Memphis song called “Sho Nuff.” It is still played in the club today.

    2. Gangsta Boo’s “FTCU” T-Shirt

    Gangsta Boo, the Memphis rapper who grew up in the Whitehaven neighborhood, died on Sunday. Her official cause of death hasn’t been confirmed, but Juicy J, DJ Paul and other members of Three 6 Mafia posted tributes to her on social media.

    She’s known for her hard-charging raps and frank sexuality. Her debut album, 1998’s “Enquiring Minds,” was fully within Three 6 Mafia’s world, but she made her mark outside the group, collaborating with artists including Eminem, Gucci Mane and Run the Jewels.

    The Ohio native teamed up with GloRilla for Latto’s “FTCU,” a club banger that’s sure to get the party started. The song’s video shows Latto and Boo tearing it up at a strip club, proving that the rap world still has a lot to be proud of.

    3. Gangsta Boo’s “Enquiring Minds” T-Shirt

    A Memphis native, Gangsta Boo joined Three 6 Mafia in 1995 and appeared on their debut album Mystic Stylez. It was a landmark southern hip-hop record and a defining example of the horrorcore genre.

    After she left Three 6, Boo went on to have a successful solo career. She collaborated with popular artists such as OutKast, Eminem, Gucci Mane and Lil Jon. This year, she made an appearance on Latto’s “FTCU” that also featured GloRilla.

    She was a talented rapper who had an energetic stage presence. She was known for her frank sexuality and edgy raps. Her music was a huge influence on many rappers in the South.

    4. Gangsta Boo’s “Tomorrow 2” T-Shirt

    The late Gangsta Boo is not only one of the sexiest women to ever don a pair of sneakers, but she was also a notable philanthropist. She was a generous donor to a few charitable organizations, including the Memphis Symphony and the city of Memphis. Despite her passing, her contributions to the local community will be remembered forever. The best way to pay it forward is by wearing a t-shirt with her name on it. It might be a little tricky to find at this time of year, but you can bet it will be in stock come spring. The best part is, you can pick it up at your local grocer, department store or specialty retailer.

    5. Gangsta Boo’s “Tonight” T-Shirt

    The late Gangsta Boo was a part of Three 6 Mafia, a wildly influential Memphis rap group. She was known for her rap style that was as raw and aggressive as any of the members of Three 6 Mafia. She embodied the essence of Southern rappers, who have long supplanted their coastal counterparts in shaping the genre’s future.

    The rapper was honored with a clothing line this past weekend. The shirt featured her name and song title, “Tonight.” It was worn by Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Barker at the Oscars. Kardashian wore an Et Ochs cutout jumpsuit, while Barker wore a Givenchy tailored vest and black dress pants. The outfits were edgy but tasteful, and it looked like they had a lot of fun wearing them.

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