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    The Kansas City Chiefs Aren’t Looking to Rebuild In 2022

    There is a common misconception about the Kansas City Chiefs. Suggesting that their upcoming season will be on a downward trajectory. Nevertheless several of the teams current players hold contrasting views regarding this forthcoming season. During the offseason the Chiefs made the decision to trade Tyreek Hill and opted not to re sign Tyrann Mathieu. Obviously, making these huge gaping holes to fill before the season starts. Luckily, the NFL 2022 Draft is around the corner and will allow them to potentially close the gaps on some of their concerns.

    Kansas City Chiefs GM Brett Veach just wanted to set the record straight! Undeniably, the AFC West has become the best division in football. However, he wants the masses to know that the Chiefs are not playing to the tank. In fact, they plan to still compete for the ultimate goal, the Super Bowl.

    Veach stated that with Pat Mahomes, the team will always be driven to compete each year. Trading good players doesn’t stop them from being aggressive. They need to be smart and adaptable, focusing on draft resources and cap space. Trading away a great player doesn’t mean they’re rebuilding; it means they’ll seek new resources and maintain their aggressive approach.

    Potential Draft Picks for the Kansas City Chiefs 

    It only seems logical that the Chiefs after losing Hill in this upcoming heavy WR draft. The Chiefs also can use a DB in this upcoming draft, losing Mathieu and starting CB Charvarius Ward. The Chiefs contain the league’s high draft picks (12). They have two draft picks each in the first of the four rounds of the draft.

    One of their biggest prospects is David Bell, according to Chiefs Wire. The Purdue University alum dominated in the Big 10 conference. In 29 games, he had 17 games over 100 yards of receiving or more.

    Veech admits that it’ll be tough replacing Hill; however, they are not ready to concede the entire season and are looking to compete for another championship going forward.

    “Would you like to find someone like Tyreek? Yeah, but I think every team would. If you don’t, there are many ways to win games. Our offense is I think extremely flexible, a lot more flexible than what people think. For us and what we do, we’re going to go out there and collect good players. They might not be 4.2 guys but if they’re good football players, we’re going to put them into position to make plays and win a lot of games.”

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