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    ‘The Get Down’ Series Is Back, 5 Takeaways From New Episodes

    The wait is nearly over. Baz Luhrmann’s Netflix original series The Get Down is making its return on April 7 with Part Two of the first season.

    In Part One, we were introduced to a group of teenagers from the South Bronx as hip-hop and disco music made its rise in the 70s. It all began in 1977 with a young poet named Ezekiel Figuero. One night, Zeke and his friends met a local graffiti artist, Shaolin Fantastic who is aspiring to be a famous DJ. All sharing a passion for hip-hop and a desire to be successful led them to form a musical group,”The Fantastic Four Plus One,” which has since been renamed to “The Get Down Brothers.” But, these boys were not the only ones trying to pursue their dream in this narrative. Mylene Cruz, Zeke’s longtime love interest, wants nothing more than to make it out of The Bronx as a disco superstar, but she has to find a way to overcome the disapproval of her religious family.

    The series may be fictional, but it does illustrate the real-life problems The Bronx was experiencing during this time: crime, corruption, and a crumbling economy.

    Last Thursday, Netflix released a full-length trailer for the season’s second half and it looks like things are getting even more real in New York City.

    Here are five things we’ve learned about the upcoming episodes:

    1.) It takes place a year later.

    According to the synopsis, Part Two is set in 1978, a year after the events of Part One. It’s only been about 365 days, but it seems a lot has changed for The Get Down crew, for the better and for the worst.

    2.) There is growing tensions between the hip-hop and disco music scenes.

    As we know, disco is currently dominating the charts and the clubs in the late-1970s. Hip-hop is only in its early stages; so early that it doesn’t even have the name “hip-hop” yet (Right now, it is being referred to as the “get down” genre). In the trailer, it is hinted numerous times how the “get down” genre is going to be the next great American musical genre. Obviously, we know that to be true, but are we finally going to see it happen in this season? We just might.

    3.) There may be a Cadillac and The Get Down Brothers collaboration.

    In the first half of the season, we learn Shaolin Fantastic has been and still is involved in some rather illegal activity. To fund his music dream, he sells work for kingpin..or shall I say, queenpin Fat Annie. Apparently, he does more than just satisfy her drug business too (yuck), which just adds to the list of why her son, Cadillac despises Shao. And the feeling is definitely mutual. In the trailer, Fat Annie can be seen talking to the two, demanding they cut a record together. Minutes later, we see Cadillac grooving his way down the stage as The Get Down Brothers stand behind him in disgust. I can’t wait to hear what this hip-hop/disco track sounds like.

    4.) Mylene: New borough, same problems?

    The final episode of Part One ended with Mylene moving to Manhattan. As they overlook the cityline, she asks Ezekiel: “You think we can keep one foot in each world?” referring to keeping her parents happy, while pursuing her disco music career. In the trailer for Part Two, we find out many doors have been opening for her. Mylene is really going to be a superstar, but her religious father appears to still be struggling to accept it. By the looks of it, she might just stop giving a f*ck.

    5.) Ezekiel’s choices might cost him a fortune and I don’t mean just money.

    Part One leaves off with our protagonist, like Mylene, contemplating being able to do two things at once: making music with The Get Down Brothers and having a government internship with Mylene’s “uncle” Papa Fuerte. In the trailer, Zeke has trouble juggling his two worlds, especially since neither one approves of the other. It is clear that in his heart, he wants to be an MC and his decision to follow his dreams might jeopardize everything else, including his home situation.

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