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    The Game’s Hosea Chanchez Says Stay Home

    Hosea Chanchez Wants Celebrities to Stay Home

    Actor Hosea Chanchez openly shared his frustration with celebrities choosing to party during the midst of the pandemic.

    Chanchez took to Twitter and posted a barrage of tweets directed at “black celebrities, restaurant, club, hookah, and strip club owners.” He pleaded with them to step up and be more responsible.

    “Wake the f— up! Stop leading your people to the slaughter at the hands of this virus to gain profit and service your ego! You are facilitating MASS extinction in OUR communities. This must stop,” Sanchez angrily tweeted.

    Hosea Chanchez Directed His Comments to Businessmen

    The actor could not hold back his raft. Hence, he spoke directly to patrons of the venues allowing celebrities to host events.

    “To the patrons of these places, these ‘celebrities’ hosting those events don’t give two sh— about YOU or your family. They are only there to make money, spread the virus, feed their egos, and go back to their mansions with premium healthcare. THIS IS A TRAP!”

     He added: “Accountability lies beyond governors and governments when it comes to protecting OUR people. WE must be responsible for our health and families safety. MASS extinction from SUPER SPREADER events is at the hands of our OWN people. Stop this madness, protect US and STAY to a– inside.”

    But Celebrities Were Called Out

    In fact, Bow Wow was recently cited for hosting a concert at a club in Houston. Bow Wow came to his own defense.

    “Here’s my truth: my only statement. 1. It was not a Bow Wow concert. I simply did one verse to ‘Like You.’ And went back to my section and simply put my mask on,” the rapper tweeted on Tuesday. “2. I did not, I repeat, did not GET PAID for anything. It was my boy’s 30th birthday weekend and I came down off the love.”

    Regardless of who gets in trouble publicly, all people need to be conscious of their actions. More importantly, they need to stay safe during these hard times. It appears that Hosea Chanchez is speaking facts!

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