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    The Game Says His So-Called Friends “Betrayed” Him

    For years, mental health has remained a taboo and touchy subject within the Black community. Fortunately, the changing times have led more and more Black celebrities to discuss their mental health struggles with fans. There’s nothing like making sure we protect our energy, and this is especially true during tough times. This week, The Game revealed that he’s personally fallen on hard times. Recently, the rapper shared that his so-called friends “betrayed’ him. This has spurred a series of unfortunate events.

    The Game Has Fallen On Hard Times

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    Furthermore, The Game has remained honest and vocal with fans about his day-to-day life. We can always count on The Game to keep it real with the fans. Unfortunately, life hasn’t been kind to the rapper in recent days.

    The Game took to Instagram yesterday to share a lengthy post concerning his mental health. According to The Game, his friends have “betrayed and lied to him” on a level he’s never experienced before. Making matters worse, he’s suffering from a cut finger and severe muscles aches due to working out that have sent the rapper to physical therapy. Sounds like the rapper is on a downward spiral.

    Furthermore, The Game noted that because of this experience, he’s chosen to take time off social media and focus on his upcoming record Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind. Hopefully, things get better for the rapper.

      The Album Remains On Track For Its August Release Date

    via People of Color In Tech

    After suffering several delays and setbacks, the final release date for Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind remains as August 12, 2022. It’s understandable that the rapper doesn’t want any interference. Moreover, in continuation of his August 1 Instagram post, the rapper made it crystal clear to fans that the album is still on track for its August release date. The rapper assured fans, “I’ve given everything that I am to this album & I guarantee GREATNESS”. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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