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    The Game Posts “Throw-Back” of That Bitch Tomi Lahren

    Tomi Lahren can run, but she can’t hide from her past…at least not when The Game logs into his Instagram account.

    In an episode of internet trolling at it’s finest, The Game was first in line. On his Instagram, the west coast rapper uploaded a picture of what Tomi Lahren looked like in her earlier years– seemingly before she grew into her fame as an American conservative political commentator and host.

    Just under the picture, he proceeds to attack her in the caption. He writes, “b4 plastic surgery. got room for another face up there I see & we gone need “Dog The Bounty Hunter” to track down them eyebrows #KeepYaMouthClosedCumGuzzler.”

    The feud started after Lahren voiced her support for ICE. Apparently, the former television host was happy that the rapper, 21 Savage, would likely be deported back to the United Kingdom after news broke he was in the U.S. illegally. This even prompted Cardi B and Nicki Minaj to come together and drag her!

    Consequently, her opinion hit The Game the wrong way, forcing him to retaliate. The rapper dug up an old photo, and placed it next to a new one…insinuating she had gone under the knife.

    Since the posts debut, it has been removed. But it’s no coincidence. Mr. “Ali Bomaye” believes that Lahren purposely had the post removed.

    However, if you missed the show, there’s a high probability that The Game is cooking up something else real soon.

    Thoughts? Do you think The game is being childish, or does TL deserve it? Share your thoughts below.

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