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    The Flu: Here’s 4 Ways it Can Kill Your Ass Quick!

    The Flu must be reigning champ of all illnesses because of how popular it has been since the beginning of time.

    Flash forward to the present day and The Flu is still gaining more popularity by the day. It’s one of the world’s most common illnesses, which evolved several times. There are many different strains of it, that present several unique symptoms. And as many people that acquired it around various times of the year (mostly the Fall and Winter) all know how annoying it can be to their bodies. Aches, pains, sniffles, coughing, weakness… Just a few were throwing out in the open. However, the human race classifies it as a “common” illness and have accepted it as such.

    The Flu Heres 4 Ways it Can Kill-1

    But in some cases, people can die in surprise because of having it! One day they’re eating Chicken Noodle soup, the next day they’re dead. What if we told you that it’s not The Flu that kills you? But rather the defense vulnerability of your body’s weakened immune system from having the illness?

    According to this video from CNN, the illness is a gateway for other super-creepy germs to sneak into your body and take you out as quietly as a hitman. Here are the 4 creepy ways it can kill you quicker than a bullet through the brain.

    Pneumonia & The Flu

    Sepsis & The Flu

    Heart Attack & The Flu

    Dehydration & The Flu

    Watch this video and learn more from CNN about how this rockstar illness is more deadly than we tend to believe it can be. This cuffing season consider getting a flu shot and staying up out of anybody that’s not your partner! Make sure to share this video with your friends and help them understand just how deadly this “common” cold really just is.


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