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    The Fantasticks: Reimagined Centering LGBTQ Story

    Tom Jones, lyricist and librettist of the beloved musical The Fantasticks, is giving this musical a makeover. Jones has rewritten his musical with the help of collaborator Michael Lluberes. Lluberes serves as Producing Artistic Director at Flint Repertory in Michigan where the reimagined classic will premiere. The non-profit theater company will present the musical from June 3rd through the 19th.

    The Creation of The Fantasticks

    Harvey Schmidt, one of the creators, passed away in 2018, but his legacy alongside Tom Jones continues. According to, the revised version of the play, with a focus on LGBTQIA+ themes, now centers around two young gay men named Matt and Lewis, instead of the original characters, Matt and Luisa. The roles of Matt and Lewis will be portrayed by actors Jeremiah Porter and Neil McCaffrey.

    The Fantasticks is loosely based on a play called The Romancers which was written by Edmond Rostand in 1894. According to, the Jones and Schmidt musical holds the record for the world’s longest running musical as it premiered in 1960 in New York’s Sullivan Street Playhouse before closing in 2002.

    LGBTQIA+ Representation and Looking Ahead

    Seeing this record-breaking and cherished musical reimagined centering an LGBTQIA+ story shows audiences how far we have come since 1960. When audiences can imagine timeless stories in new ways, it opens doors for other classics to keep innovating within the greater Broadway community. This adaptation/reimagination is a (small) step in helping expand the diversity of Broadway’s stories. This ultimately helps the theatrical medium to become more reflective of the world around us.

    To see a story originally written before the twentieth century showcasing queerness in 2022 is truly remarkable. It is easy to forget how far we’ve come, especially considering the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights is far from over. But for now, we celebrate this story and queer representation.

    Find ticket information and more here.

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