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    The Australian Government Threatens To Ban Ye

    Ye’s antisemitic comments have upset a lot of people. Recently, banks banned him and he lost out on tons of business dealings. Most recently, the Australian government has threatened to ban the star from entering the country. Looks like things just got worse for the rapper.

    The Australian Government Denies Him Entry

    Unfortunately, the Donda rapper has caught a lot of heat for his insensitive comments toward Jewish people. It’s one thing for businesses to drop him like a hot potato. Though, he’s even ruffled feathers with the Australian Government. 

    Recently, the country’s political representatives discussed Ye’s plans to visit Bianca Censori’s family in Melbourne next week. In particular, a senior Australian government minister said Wednesday that Ye could be refused a visa due to antisemitic comments. 

    Peter Wertheim, the co-CEO of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, stated that the person in question will not be granted a visa to enter the country. Wertheim recently met with government officials to present arguments against granting the individual a visa, citing reasons related to character assessment and national interest.

    As a result, it appears that Kanye West’s visit to Melbourne may not take place as planned.

    He Needs To Apologize

    If the rapper wants to meet Bianca Censori’s parents, then he needs to issue a public apology and fast. Currently, he has roughly a few days left to turn things around for himself. The star might find it hard to stomach the facts but in the end, he’ll need to face the music.

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