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    The “After” Effect of The Tiger King and His Crew

    Wonder what happens to The Tiger King Cast after the show?

    We grew with them, we heard their stories, and the best part of all we just enjoy them. Yes, I’m talking about the crazy crew of The Tiger King. After the series ended, we all had questions like, what happened to the zoo, did john fix his teeth, and will Carole Baskin go to jail? If you do want to know the answers to some of these questions, then check the video below to find out what happened to the cast of “The Tiger King.”

    SNL also did a little snippet of Carol Baskin

    As you can see, the lives of the cast have changed drastically since the premiere. John did get his teeth to fix, and the Don Lewis case reopen. Maybe Carole did feed Don to the tigers. Also, we see that a scripted series is in the works and hopefully will be crazy like the docu one.  Comment below and tell us your favorite change or if you like the SNL snippet?

    Effect of The Tiger King and His Crew

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