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    The 10 Worst Dressed Rappers in Hip-Hop

    The 10 worst dressed rappers in hip hop! Most of humanity wears clothes, and many societies have evolved to use clothes as a form of expression.Rappers are especially quick to express their feelings, status, and wealth through their clothes. However, some are bound to be better at it than others. Here are the 10 rappers with the worst sense of fashion.

    Young Thug

    His style is… chaotic to say the least…

    Fresh out the A, Young Thug had plenty of questionable fashion choices over the years. The promo for his Jeffrey mixtape turned out to be genius. His mixtape cover had more people talking about the dress he was wearing, than any other music project at the time. Thug also has many “bold” fashion choices on and off the runway. He even sported silver trash bags at one point, making headlines yet again. Thugga Thugga’s fashion choices, oddly enough, match his flow and cadence on the mic. The rapper’s fashion choice paid off; Jeffrey was a great mixtape, and his dress got the project’s attention Look at the image below and tell me if you would take any clothing from Thugger’s closet.

    The 10 Worst Dressed Rappers in Hip-Hop


    50 years old and still in his emo phase.

    Anyone who stopped paying attention to Eminem after the early 2000s hasn’t missed much. His music and his fashion sense haven’t changed in decades. The Detroit rapper has an affinity for dark hoodies and army hats. It almost seems like he is that same awkward kid who couldn’t pass the 9th grade and hides his face from the world. His top half almost always accompanies baggy jeans and sneakers like Air Forces. There are worse dressed rappers, which is why Em is in the 9th spot, but there are much better dressed rappers as well. Would you dress like Eminem in 2023?

    The 10 Worst Dressed Rappers in Hip-Hop
    Sporting News


    I mean, I guess hip hop could use a rapper who dresses like he’s in a biker gang.

    I wouldn’t say his outfits are fashion disasters, but I wouldn’t say they should be replicated either. The Bay Area native has an interesting sense of fashion, especially considering that Oakland rarely gets cold enough for him to wear all those leather jackets. His slicked back hair complements the fashion well… I guess. However, the clothes he chooses are about the same as his music; not terrible, but I’ll never need to have them. Take a look at G-Eazy to the left of Demi Lovato and tell me if you’d rock those threads — or rather, that cow skin.

    The 10 Worst Dressed Rappers in Hip-Hop
    Rolling Stone


    His clothes are about as “boring yet off-putting” as he is.

    One of the worst rappers with one of the worst senses of fashion. The often self-proclaimed half-black, half-white MC has quite an exciting resume in rap. From sweaters, hats, and round glasses, Logic solidified himself as one of the most irritating rappers ever. He’s one of the most lyrical, least musically gifted, most snobbish, worst dressed rappers ever. His outfits are about as lazy as his attempts to make good sounding music. Peep the picture of Logic below and tell me if you’d rock the fits.

    The 10 Worst Dressed Rappers in Hip-Hop


    Speaking of “lyrical miracle” pricks with no talent or taste…

    Like Logic, Hopsin is a preachy, lyrical, snobby, white black MC with some of the worst rapper outfits. The SoCal native can’t seem to go without hoodies and beanies for a week.
    Since his early days making “Ill Mind of Hopsin” videos in his basement, the socially awkward kid with a superiority complex has been reluctant to change his rap style or wardrobe. But maybe it’s just me. What do you think of Hopsin’s outfit below?

    The 10 Worst Dressed Rappers in Hip-Hop

    Flavor Flav

    Fight the Power? No. Fight your stylist.

    One of the most OG, legendary rappers on this list, Flavor Flav still has to answer for his fashion crimes. Flave was one of the original MCs who used his skills to help empower the black community.

    That being said, he is also among the rappers with the worst sense of fashion. His outfits often look like graffiti in thread form, and every one of his fashion disasters accompanied a full-sized clock.
    Clocks were his gimmick; he sported thousands of them over the years. He also loved Viking helmets and grills, further making his appearance even more off-putting than he was.

    The 10 Worst Dressed Rappers in Hip-Hop
    Las Vegas Review Journal

    Lil Pump

    Another rapper whose fashion matches his music. Quantity and trends over quality.

    Lil Pump’s threads were all about trending designer brands from head to toe, like his music. Even when the designer items don’t look nice, Pump still sports them without hesitation.

    His colorful choices don’t indicate an eye for style but rather an ability to create chaotic outfits. Would you rock Lil Pump’s designer-heavy look?

    The 10 Worst Dressed Rappers in Hip-Hop

    YK Osiris

    Speaking of rappers who pick ugly designer clothes…

    YK Osiris’ outfits are about as laughable as his hit songs. The internet meme of an artist often trends for just about everything other than his music. He even trended for a while due to a highly questionable Gucci outfit.

    The so-called 2 piece outfit didn’t even match, with the pants and jacket being two shades of brown. 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, DJ Mustard, and more roasted YK’s Gucci outfit on Instagram Live.

    Despite being Gucci, the streets flammed YK for having one of the worst rapper outfits in a long time. Watch the video below and tell me if you agree with 21 Savage or YK Osiris.

    Soulja Boy

    Remember the ridiculously oversized shirts and pants?

    Soulja Boy was the first rapper to do a lot of things. He was the first gimmicky rapper to break the “one-hit wonder” curse and the first to have an iPhone. One thing he wasn’t the first to do, was wear clothing fit for a giant.

    Big Soulja’s huge clothes, giant shades, and substantial snapback hats easily crowned him as one of the worst dressed rappers ever. I don’t even need to go into too much detail about Soulja Boy; take a look for yourself and tell me if I’m wrong.

    The 10 Worst Dressed Rappers in Hip-Hop

    Tyler the Creator

    His style is strange, even for him.

    Tyler tops this list of the worst dressed rappers for apparent reasons. His style does vary, but it doesn’t get any better. Sometimes it’s multiple oversized jackets, colorful pants, and sneakers that don’t match. Sometimes it’s what looks like a Scottish schoolgirl’s uniform.

    And sometimes, he even keeps it casual with a skater outfit and a hat placed barely on his head with the brim pointing up at the sky. Tyler seems to prefer these weird outfits. He even kicked it up a notch with bright, often powder blue, suits and blonde wigs during his concerts and performances for his lead single, “Earthquake.”

    In any case, troll or not, Tyler the Creator easily tops the list of rappers with the worst sense of fashion. Think I’m lying? See for yourself below!


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    This concludes the 10 rappers with the worst sense of fashion! Not all artists can b=e good at everything; some had to take an L on this one. We saw some of the worst rappers’ outfits and fashion disasters, which made us wonder what they were thinking.

    Some of these rappers wear clothes I wouldn’t wear for free, let alone the hundreds or thousands they likely spent on those threads.

    What do you think?

    Were their outfits unacceptable? Did I have some rappers on this list that didn’t deserve to be there? Did I forget anyone? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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