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    You Can Buy Ties Made Out Of Spider Silk

    Bolt Threads is a new startup that manufactures all sorts of ties and neckties out of synthetic spider silk. The company unveiled its first item on March 10, a limited-edition knit necktie. It will be available for purchase at $314.

    The company raised about $90 million in venture capital funding and spent seven years of research with dozens of scientists, engineers, technicians and designers.

    Would you be down to by a tie out of spider silk?


    1. Where can I buy, say, somewhere between, say, 20 and 30 CUSTOM-MADE ties made of REAL spider silk?

      I emphasize “CUSTOM-MADE”, because all spider-silk ties I have seen so far, just “don’t float my boat”, to use the vernacular slang!!

      Really HOPING u can help me!

      Kind regards,


      Just FYI, my name is “Crispian”, not “Crispin” (like the former actor, Crispin Glover), and DEFINITELY NOT, “Christopher”, or, even worse, “Chris”!

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