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    Teyana Taylor Grieves After Losing Her Brother To Cancer

    Some siblings grow up like best friends and others remain total strangers to one another. Fortunately for Teyana Taylor and her step brother Fleeroy PC Mason, the two were inseparable. However, tragedy hit their close knit relationship when Mason was diagnosed with cancer. Recently, Teyana Taylor’s brother lost to the disease. The songstress and model took to social media to air out her frustration at her brother’s untimely passing. In a word, Taylor admitted that she feels as though a piece of her is gone.

    Teyana Taylor’s Brother Lost To Cancer

    Teyana Taylor's brother
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    It’s tough knowing that our time on Earth isn’t guaranteed. In the end, time is all we have. Weeks before he passed, Teyana Taylor’s brother Fleeroy PC Mason took to social media to document his health problems surrounding his cancer.

    On Facebook, Mason revealed that he woke up one morning with a swollen belly. In an effort to remain positive, Mason cautioned everyone to count their blessings and be thankful for the life they have. Furthermore, The Sun first reported that Mason stayed at the hospital for nine months up until his death. What a sad fate to face.

    A Sister Mourns The Loss Of Her Sibling


    Teyana Taylor and Fleeroy PC Mason weren’t biological siblings to begin with. Though, that didn’t make them love each other any less. Like any loving sibling, Taylor expressed her sadness over her brother’s untimely death. On May 31, she took to Instagram to admit that she couldn’t process her brother’s death. In addition, she shared with fans that “a piece of me is gone.” There are no words to describe or sum up Teyana Taylor’s feelings over her loss. We at HypeFresh give out our sincerest condolences.

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