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    Texas Rapper Iayze Is The-Jack-Of-All-Trades In “Cracked”

    Texas newcomer Iayze may not appear as a typical rapper, but he’s bursting with raw talent. At a young age, Iayze, born Jace Salter, learned to keep himself motivated and on track for success. The young rapper endured a series of hardships throughout his life, including his father walking out on him. Instead of bottling up his feelings, he found sanctuary in writing and music. 

    Furthermore, Iayze started recording music at the young age of 13. He drew inspiration from several artists; including everything from Chicago drill rapper Chief Keef and rock music band Green Day.  However, it wasn’t until the birth of Iayze’s first daughter that the Fort Worth, TX rapper started taking his rap career seriously.

    With him back on track, Iayze has become one of the most prolific new rap artists in today’s world. In just three years, the Texas emcee released 13 full-length projects, such as I.D.L.Y.A., Forever, Starlight, and Demons, all on streaming platforms. While none of them have taken the rapper to the next level, we can’t deny that he has one impressive discography. Not to mention, he’s had time to master different styles of music and try out new sounds.

    Iayze has taken on the name of jack-of-all-trades in the underground SoundCloud rap scene. His early childhood influences have heavily influenced the music he makes today. Moreover, Iayze crafts sounds that combine plugg with alternative music, emo and pain rap in one honest narrative. Furthermore, his recently released “Cracked” track displays his versatility, and the silent but deadly energy the rapper brings to the table every time.

     Iayze’s “Cracked” Packs A Confident & Menacing Energy

    Recently, rising Texas star Iayze dropped the visuals for his newest track “Cracked” which showcases the artist’s indistinguishable approach to rap music. In a lane all his own, Iayze can take a song from 0 to 90 in several seconds, all without blinking an eye.

    In “Cracked”, Iayze seemingly displays a form of mumble rap at the beginning of the song but his flow turns more confident and menacing by the minute. Moreover, the rapper’s delivery of explicit threats comes as a shocking surprise that leaves listeners tuned into the rapper’s song. Iayze makes quite a few references to gun violence but somehow manages to smooth out the harsher aspects of the song with comedic relief and appealing beats. What’s interesting is that Iayze doesn’t break one wad of sweat while doing so.

    Even in the video, the rap star appears calm, cool and silently in control. The visuals feature the Texas star rapping in a series of empty rooms, with the exception of one where he’s surrounded by a series of old issues of XXL and The Source magazines. Each scene shot stylishly with stark lighting, matching Iayze’s rap flow. No matter the setting, Iayze stands in a relaxed pose. Clearly, Iayze knows he has nothing to fear from his competitors.

    He’ll Continue His Rap Journey

    via SoundCloud

    The road to success isn’t easy, but Iayze won’t let that stop him. Having put out several records in a 3-year timeline, he’s more than willing to put in the work. Not to mention, Iayze picks up new sounds like a sponge. It’s no wonder he’s regarded as the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to rap music. Furthermore, Iayze’s work ethic paired with his experimental sound only equals success for the Texas star.

    Keep up with Iayze’s come up and new music from the rising artist.




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