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    Terrace Martin Feels Underappreciated By Rappers

    Terrace Martin’s friends are no longer a thing. The music industry recognizes most great artists, but others, it entirely disregards. In some cases, artists don’t even give credit to those that helped make them into huge success stories. Famed music producer Terrace Martin made claims on social media that he’s pumping the breaks on his “rap friends” and turning a new leaf. Unfortunately, Martin claims he’s underappreciated by the rap community.

    Rap Stars Make The Producer Feel Underappreciated

    Terrace Martin via The Phoenix Newspaper

    Unfortunately, artists don’t always pay the credit due to their collaborators and music producers. On Friday, Terrace Martin revealed on Twitter that he’s helped foster the careers of Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Nate Dogg and even Kendrick Lamar. He even gave them their signature “sound” that the fans love. 

    After years of “waiving publishing, credits and money” all for the sake of friendship, he’s received no love in return. Now the star feels underappreciated by his rap peers. Clearly, the music producer wants credit for his work. Not only that, but for his friends to acknowledge him.

    Terrace Martin Says No To Rappers But Not The Industry

    Terrace Martin via HipHop-N-More

    Martin made out a pretty clear and honest message in his letter posted to Twitter this past Friday. He may be done with working with emcees but that doesn’t mean he won’t collaborate with them on a song from time to time. Since going solo, the music producer has released 9 studio albums that include a wealth of features from big-time artists like Robert Glasper, Snoop Dogg, K. Dot and Leon Bridges. Luckily, he hasn’t walked away from the industry altogether.

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