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    Tekashi69 Facing Another Lawsuit Over Snow Billy

    Tekashi69’s legal troubles continue as the rapper is being sued by his former friend.

    Tekashi69 has been sued twice in less than 30 days, as the rapper has been slapped with another lawsuit. The second suit is concerning a 2018 shooting of his former friend Shane “Snow Billy” Hardy.

    Earlier this month, Fashion Nove brought a suit against the “dummy boy” rapper for 2.25 million dollars. The lawsuit alleges that 69 had a promo agreement with the fashion company, but the contract was never honored.

    Now the disgraced rapper is facing yet another lawsuit for his role in the shooting of Snow Billy. According to Hardy, after he and Tekashi had a falling out over 69’s gang affiliation, the rapper put a hit out on him. Hardy even alleges that Tekashi admitted to the crime while testifying under oath in his racketeering case.

    Aaron “bat” Young and Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones are also being sued for their role in the shooting as well.

    According to Complex, Young shot Hardy in the back of the neck at point-blank range and believed him to be dead. However, Hardy miraculously survived, and now he is seeking damages for “serious physical injury and great humiliation.”

    Both Young and Jones are serving sentences for their roles in the racketeering case against Tekashi and Nine Trey Bloods.  As Tekashi 69’s release date rapidly approaches, one has to wonder will he ever be safe. The rapper turned snitch caused a lot of damage to a lot of people who will never forget what was done to them. Rumors have been swirling that Tekashi plans to resume his rap career once he is released. Such a move may prove to be fatal, with all the bridges 69 has burned, but sadly only time will tell.

    What do you guys think Tekashi69 being sued by his former friend?

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