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    Teen sensation Ramsey Renée Reveals ‘Phases’

    At the age of 17 DMV native Ramsey Renée unveils her newest music and it’s a pleasant way to start off 2023 with ‘Phases.’ It’s a smooth and very personal collection of audio art from Ramsey as a young mind that can process the concept of love few people much older than her.

    Words from Ramsey about here latest body of work and they’re very interpersonal! “We all have phases through which we experience the world around us and experiences that cleanse us. My personal experiences and the life-altering moments of other people inspire this project. It is a journey of emotions, folding, and unfolding, as well as a good description of how healing isn’t linear.

    I selected “Let me know” as the last song on my project as a musical ellipsis, where things may be left unsaid at times and where we won’t always be able to get our closure. It speaks to the answers to our questions and sometimes tells us to find what we need within. It also demands that we accept things for how they are. It helps when we know in our hearts when we are finished with something, or someone, which is more than enough to help us move on from a person or situation.

    Trusting your gut and listening to your heart is what I would take from Phases. Understand you’re not insane for how you feel when it’s a reaction to something someone has done to you.”

    Listen below!



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