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    Tebi Rex’s “IMTHEBEST” Celebrates the Joys and Delusions of Being an Artist

    Irish alt-hip-hop duo Tebi Rex has dropped their latest single, “IMTHEBEST,” showcasing their signature blend of catchy beats, witty lyrics, and playful humor. With a self-aware and escapist tone, the track takes listeners through the joys and delusions of being a musician in your twenties.

    In their own words, Tebi Rex admits to being delusional, and “IMTHEBEST” captures their artistic spirit and playful irreverence. The duo has been making waves in Ireland, the US, and the UK with high-energy live shows, an engaging social media presence, and a unique sound that blends Indie, Noughties Dance, and Pop Rap.

    This latest release will not disappoint fans of Tebi Rex and Alt Hip-Hop. With “IMTHEBEST,” Tebi Rex continues evolving their sound and showcasing their growth as artists. The track serves as a testament to the band’s willingness to experiment and push boundaries while staying true to their roots.


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