TCM Pain Turns Up In “Don’t Know Her” Music Video


When it comes to hype anthems, the new song by TCM Pain, “Don’t Know Her,” takes the cake.

The rage-driven record sees him enjoying the freeing city-life as a bachelor. He adds that he loves romantically, but he still puts himself first. It’s far from painting a perfect picture of himself but rather an honest view of Pain’s reality as he shows off the glam of his world through his eyes. In this cool video, TCM Pain delivers smooth bars with a simple message: don’t settle. He showcases his newfound inner peace, living for himself and not seeking validation from others.

TCM Pain grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and fell in love with music at just 8 years old. During college, he started taking music seriously and recording regularly. His breakthrough single, “Switch Sides” (ft. KillBunk), dropped in 2021, propelling him to fame.

Keep an eye out for TCM Pain, as he’ll be releasing more projects soon!

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