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    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: Experts Explain Why We’re Getting Tired of Celebrities

    Taylor Swift is a pop culture sensation. Her millions of fans adore her for her music and her ability to capture the media zeitgeist. So it’s no surprise that her rumored relationship with Travis Kelce caused such a frenzy.

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: Enough Already

    Kelce isn’t shy about expressing his love for the superstar. He recently admitted that the NFL is going a bit overboard with its Taylor Swift coverage. On the latest episode of New Heights, Kelce talked about how the NFL has been “overdoing it” with its Swift-themed range.

    Swift has been spotted cheering on the Chiefs from their box suite at Arrowhead Stadium and at MetLife Stadium for a game against the Jets. And while it’s understandable that the NFL would want to promote this spectacle, there’s a fine line between fostering celebrity and making it too much of a focus of the telecast.

    During Sunday’s broadcast, for example, the cameras frequently cut to Swift in the stands. While the cameras focused on her, the announcers welcomed her to the stadium. Then, during the Chiefs’ first touchdown, the announcers panned to her and her cheering friends for a quick replay.

    And at the end of the telecast, NBC Sports’ video package focused on her again. But the question is, how long can this Swift-focused NFL coverage go on before it becomes too much?

    This is something that’s especially important when a team is trying to attract millennial fans. It’s also a reason why the NFL shouldn’t rush to embrace a superstar if it doesn’t pay off in terms of ticket sales, sponsorships, and ratings. It’s just not good for anyone involved. And, unfortunately for both the NFL and Taylor Swift, that’s starting to become clear.

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