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    Tanya Nolan Needs Someone To Match Her Energy In “My Best”

    When it comes to Texas star Tanya Nolan, she’s one of a kind. The soulful R&B/ Pop singer discovered her gift of song in her Middle school band where she acted as a percussionist. Later on, she went on to become one of the first female frontline drummers at Grambling State University in Louisiana. Her love for music continued to grow after listening to legendary stars like Prince, Quincy Jones, Billie Holiday, Chaka Khan and Micheal Jackson.

    Eventually, she developed her own signature style. Now known for her powerhouse voice, honest tracks and cinematic music videos, Nolan has the entire package. Even better, the Texas star is more than just a singer, she’s a songwriter, actor, fashion designer, and producer. She’s even a firm supporter of LGBTQ community. Can this woman honestly get any better?

    Furthermore, Nolan released her breakout track “No Pressure” and the remix, both gaining national-acclaim. Specifically, the original song secured a spot on radio stations such as Music Choice and iHeartRadio. The Bruce Bang Remix made the national Dance charts and was featured on the C89.5 in Seattle. Additionally, Nolan’s noteworthy tracks “Smile On My Face” and “Good Woman” snagged a spot on the Billboard music charts. Not to mention, most of her video treatments often feature a romance between a lesbian couple. Nolan’s wife of 7 years has even had the pleasure of starring in a few of her videos. Clearly, Nolan’s wife is one lucky lady.

    The LGBTQ artist also found herself making a special guest appearance on radio shows like Majic 102.1 and on Sirius XM’s Heart & Soul’s Top 20 Platinum Countdown with BJ Stone. Furthermore, Tanya Nolan has received tons of media coverage from the likes of Voyage, Fox, ABC News and Singer’s Room.

    Like any good artist, Tanya Nolan works on her craft nonstop. Recently, the multi-talented artist dropped her latest record “My Best” which nabbed the the #2 spot as the Most Added R&B song on Urban Radio this week. Currently,  “My Best” is available on all streaming and downloadable platforms now.

    Tanya Nolan Wants Someone Who Can Match Her Energy

    Tanya Nolan may be a newcomer but she’s proven more than once that she’s a huge star in the making. Not to mention, she’s slated to become one of the next biggest R&B artists. She’s just getting started with her next track “My Best.” In the R&B infused track, we find Nolan in search of a lover who can match her style, her confidence and her overall energy. With singing chops and a talent like hers, it only makes sense that Tanya Nolan find someone who’s as big of a deal as her. Fortunately, she did with her wife of 7 years.

    The Texas Star Isn’t Your Average R&B Artist

    My Best
    via 2R’s Entertainment & Media PR

    It’s plain to see that Tanya Nolan only strives and expects excellence. She’s as good as they come in the music industry. Furthermore, Nolan continues to put out “feel good music” and will do so until she drops her highly-anticipated bigger projects. When discussing her upcoming music, Nolan expressed that this time feels unique compared to her previous releases. She mentioned being in a position where she can pursue her dreams without constraints, take charge of her future, and express her own personal truth. In the end, Tanya Nolan hopes that she can establish a connection with her fans and follow her musical journey.

    Though, the artist makes it clear that she’s more than just the average singer. She’s also an entrepreneur and owns the largest upscale childcare learning facility in Galveston County, TX, Aww Better Childcare Center. Clearly, Tanya Nolan has a mission to heal the world, not just with her music, but also her philanthropy. Be sure to stay tuned into the Texas star Tanya Nolan.


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