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    Tamar Braxton Is Not Attending Her Niece’s Funeral

    Tamar Braxton is one that has alway’s voiced her opinions publically. However, this time around she should have kept quiet.

    Currently, the “Braxton Family Values”, the star is on tour with reality Tv star Kandi Burruss for her “Welcome to the Dungeon” event. Tamar took to Instagram to acknowledge that she would not be attending her niece’s funeral because of exhaustion from touring and not having time.

    “I’ve been M.I.A. because I just cannot bring myself to post about my niece. Like, I just can’t do it,” she told her followers in clip, which was captured blog YBF Chic. “But what I did want to say is I want to thank everyone for sending their condolences.”

    The singer/ reality star kept it real regarding the projected backlash. She stated that this is the first time one in her family died, and it more so seems that Braxton is too much in an emotional state at the moment.

    “I don’t want my sisters or my family to get upset with me, but the things that’s been going on — this is the first time that anybody in my family has passed,” she continued. “Nobody tell you about going to the damn funeral. I don’t have time going to the funeral.”
    “I’m still drained from that … It’s a lot,” Tamar added, noting that, “Everything happens in God’s divine order and you’ve got to respect it and praise him anyway.”

    After Tamar’s comments, it wasn’t long before other people started to weigh in on the situation:

    “She ain’t too drained to respond to every damn thing on social media. So self centered, it’s terrible. Drama queen for real,” wrote one user.
    Another said he “lost respect” for the performer, writing, “She has enough energy to do her show and to tell everyone to watch the braxton show, but she can’t go to the funeral, i think she would have been better just staying quiet. I know every body grieves differently, but after watching this, i think she is a very selfish person. Michael is your brother and Lauren was your niece, make time and be with him, he lost a child, that has to be very painful. I used to like Tamar, but now i have lost respect for her.”
    “Just say you are not able to attend period since you have enough energy to jump in front of the cameras every 5 minutes for everything else,” posted another.

    It seems as though fans have it out for Tamar. Will, she ever be able to get past the death of her niece? Is the Braxton family angry with her?

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