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    Talks Between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Continues

    Not many know but there have been extensive talks about a potential UFC star Conor McGregor and Floyd “Money” Mayweather rematch. It appears the reason it hasn’t gained much traction as of yet; is that the two can’t meet at details about the fight. However, over the past couple of weeks, progress has struck and the rematch is edging closer, reported Ben Davies for

    In 2017, these two shared the ring together and while McGregor proved to be a worthy opponent, his fate was like the others who fought Mayweather. This fight is still considered the second highest-selling combat sports PPV of all time. The sequel nearing is a great sign for the fans and fighting sports lovers. McGregor continues to hint at a second fight via social media by trolling or leaving comments like: “I accept” under Mayweather’s posts. UFC President Dana White was a bit skeptical and pessimistic when the idea was brought to his attention initially. However, understanding the potential outcome of this second fight possibly made him reconsider. Initially, he found no interest in letting the UFC star return to the ring with Floyd Mayweather.

    Does it Make Sense for Floyd Mayweather?

    According to sources, the fight is nearing but does this make much sense for Mayweather going forward? It’s been suggested that the pair are now discussing the rules and intricate details of the fight. McGregor has specific stipulations, as well as, Mayweather does, per The Sun.

    Conor will only agree to the fight if Floyd puts his professional record on the line. This won’t be an exhibition, but an official fight at 155lb. That’s what we know so far.

    It will be Floyd’s final fight, so it’s not one to miss. The deal is nearly finalized, with both parties agreeing to personal terms. It will be a monumental showdown, with records on the line. Floyd sees it as his era ending and the Gervonta Davis era beginning.

    He believes it will be the biggest night in boxing history, saying, “People better be ready because it’s going to be something spectacular.” There’s currently some debate about the number of rounds, with Conor’s team pushing for 10 rounds. But the deal and rights are steadily progressing.

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