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    Takeoff’s Father Is Gifted An Art Portrait Of His Son

    Takeoff’s death has been difficult for many people in the rap community to grapple with. The Migos rapper’s family is especially going through a hard time as his aunt, Quavo and Offset have each outwardly expressed their grief. Fortunately, an artist decided to lend the family a helping hand. Furthermore, celebrity artist Ron Da Don gifted Takeoff’s father and family a commissioned piece of the slain rapper.

    The Memory Of Takeoff Lives On

    Recently, Takeoff’s father, Kenneth Ball received a gift from Celebrity artist Ron Da Don. The graphic designer was commissioned to do a portrait of the Migos rapper for his family. Furthermore, Don first shared the creation—done entirely using colored pencils—on Instagram on November 18th. Recently, a video was uploaded of Takeoff’s dad being gifted the commissioned piece by the artist.

    “Oh my God! Wow! Oh man, oh man. I love the eyes. And the pictures! Wow,” Ball said in the video clip, gazing down at the portrait in awe.

    Moreover, Ron Da Don revealed his intention behind the piece, as he wanted Takeoff to become one with the Heavens above. “When times get hard, you can just look at the picture,” the graphic designer said.

    No doubt that the Migos family appreciated the kind gesture from the artist.

    Ron Da Don Loved Completing Takeoff’s Portrait

    commissioned piece
    via SoundCloud

    To say that YouTube artist Ron Da Don enjoyed completing his latest work, is an understandment. Shortly after gifting Takeoff’s father with the rapper’s portrait, the artist took time to detail his experience in creating the piece. Basically, he was honored with being given such a task. He loved that he was able to capture his very essence and legacy in his art. Most of all, Ron Da Don loves that he could help his family honor him.

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