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    TAJ KNOX’s new track “Pearls & Diamonds”

    Talented R&B artist TAJ KNOX is proud to announce the release of his latest track, “Pearls & Diamonds.” This song is a perfect blend of R&B and Trap, with its catchy lyrics and impressive production, making it a standout track for fans of both genres.

    “Pearls & Diamonds” is an ode to the classic Prince song, “Diamonds & Pearls,” but it also gives a new perspective on strippers. TAJ KNOX believes these women should be celebrated, and the song encourages listeners to view them as Cinderella being worshipped as they should be.

    The track showcases TAJ KNOX’s unique musical style and ability to seamlessly fuse different forms of music. It is perfect for fans of classic trap artists like Future and soft melodic rock from artists like John Mayer.

    “Pearls & Diamonds” is the perfect summer anthem to keep you dancing and singing. This track is a testament to TAJ KNOX’s impressive songwriting skills and is guaranteed to be a fan favorite.

    Stream “Pearls & Diamonds” now on all major platforms and add it to your playlist.

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