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    T-Pain Wins ‘The Masked Singer” Competition

    Whoever said T-Pain needed auto-tune was dead wrong.

    On Tuesday, T-Pain shut down Fox’s The Masked Singer competition. Over the course of several weeks, the auto-tune singer concealed his identity from judges and audience members, as he took on a new persona, known as Monster. One by one, other masked contestants were given the axe and forced to reveal themselves to an audience dying of suspense. But Monster held on until the very last round– and he was up against some serious competition.

    However, in the end, Peacock’s and Bee’s performances failed to deliver the winning impression. Thus allowing for Monster to claim ownership of the Golden Mask trophy.

    After winning, T-Pain expresses how gratifying its been to be a part of such an experience.

    “I learned the hard way that it takes just one slip to make you lose your place in the world. I’ve been vilified and persecuted for sounding like a ringtone. But it ain’t me. Putting on a front made me angry and after doing some soul searching, I was ready for something new. It’s crazy that having my identity stripped has brought me the comeback I’ve wanted for a decade. I’ve been hiding behind faster tracks — I’m finally ready to slow it down.”

    Other celebrities who joined in on the fun were: Gladys Knight, Donny Osmond, Tori Spelling, Terry Bradshaw, Rumor Willis, Antonio Brown, LaToya Jackson, Joey Fatone, and Ricki Lake. The last we heard of T-Pain was late last year when he was in the process of suing his former manager.

    Thoughts? Did you watch The Masked Singer? Did you know the Monster was really T-Pain? Share your thoughts down below.


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