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    T.I. Goes Off On Yet Another Comedian

    Comedy these days often walks the fine line between humor and downright offensiveness. Not everyone will understand a joke and some will even feel slighted. Since the Chris Rock and Will Smith showdown at the Oscars , comedians everywhere have taken a lot of heat for their jokes. In particular, one local Atlanta comedian, Lauren Knight, had her set interrupted by former rapper T.I. after joking about the sexual assault allegations made against him and his wife Tiny Harris. Clearly, the comedian hit a nerve with the rapper.

    T.I. Attacks  Female Comedian

    T.I goes off
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    Recently, T.I. went off on another comedian for yet again bringing up the sexual allegations case. Rather than taking her comments with a grain of salt, T.I. decided to lay into her. Apparently, it wasn’t all fun and giggles at the comedy set. In short, the ATL actor made clear that there’s “no case” and refused to remain silent on the matter. Moreover, the rapper proceeded to the stage where he gave the female comedian a hug. Then, T.I. snatched the microphone from the comedian but Lauren Knight managed to get it back. Throughout her set; however, T.I. continued to heckle her for bringing up the sexual allegations.

    The Female Comedian Fights Back Against The Rapper

    T.I goes off
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    T.I.’s taunts did not go unchecked. At the end of her set, Lauren Knight had plenty to say about T.I’s behavior. In an interview, the comedian revealed that T.I. turned belligerent, calling her a “bi**h” and making fun of her wig. She went on to say that even after T.I. heckled her on stage, she told him, “I’ll take off my wig after you speak on the allegations.”

    Clearly, this local comedian wasn’t going to brush off the rapper’s comments like Chris Rock did at the Oscars.

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