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    T.I Announces Retirement With Last Album “Kill The King”

    Living the life as a famous person can be a dream come true. Though, with so many stars announcing early retirement plans, Hollywood doesn’t seem all that spectacular. Everyone from Selena Gomez to Nicki Minaj made weak efforts to retire, only to release yet another album. They just can’t stay away from the recording booth.

    Now rap icon T.I has just announced his retirement plans. Recently, the Atlanta-bred rapper released a new music video for the track “What’s It Come To” off his final album Kill The King. Furthermore, the video revealed his plans to retire. After the whirlwind of a year the rapper endured, he’s likely to leave the music business. Though, fans wonder if the star will return to the music industry or walk away from the rap game forever. Only time will tell.

                T.I Reveals Retirement Plans In Music Video “What’s It Come To”

    Kill The King
    via XXL Mag

    Amidst the scandalous allegations of sexual abuse and drug trafficking, T.I has decided to take his leave of absence. The ATL star made it known that he plans to retire. Rather than making the announcement via social media, he shared the reveal in a music video. Not only does he share his retirement news, but he even addresses the allegations made against him and his wife Tiny.

    Recently, the Hustle Gang boss released the music video for “What’s It Come To” off his latest album Kill The King. Furthermore, the music video starts off with a snippet of a family friend by the name of Sabrina Peterson demanding an apology. Sources note that the woman accused the rap star and his wife of holding her at gunpoint back in January. In response to Peterson’s allegations, the phrase, “A toxic person will create drama and then portray themself as the victim” appears on the screen. The phrase was attributed to Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Syreeta Butler.

    The music video comes around full circle when the “Kill The King cover art appears with “The Final Album Coming Soon” written underneath the project’s title.” It’s definitely the end of T.I’s reign.

                Will Kill The King Truly Be T.I’s Last Album?

    Kill The King
    via HipHop-N-More

    Every King has his reign and eventually they all come to an end. However, no one seems all that convinced that T.I will leave the music industry forever. In fact, the rapper can’t even stop himself from rapping.

    For years, the rap icon has toyed with the idea of retirement. During a 2017 interview on The Breakfast Club, he shared a specific timeline for his final album release. Now, with the release of his last album, Kill The King, fans are left wondering if this is truly the end of T.I’s rap career.


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