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    T.I. Age: He’s Outgrown His Earlier Days As A Street Hustler

    Rappers have long boasted about living life on streets. Though, there’s been recent debate within the rap community about what warrants a rapper to speak on such matters. While some high-profile rap stars have never experienced life on the streets, they do often rap about it in their songs.

    Recently, at his age, ATL actor and rapper T.I. revealed that he’s outgrown his previous lifestyle as a street hustler. These days the rapper finds himself living a different lifestyle and a whole new mindset. 

    Why T.I. Doesn’t Write Trap Muzik Anymore

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    via ABC News

    In addition to living an entirely new lifestyle, At T.I.’s age, he finds it “counterproductive” to write trap rap music. During his interview with Bill Bellamy on his podcast Top Billin’, T.I. told the podcast host that his profession no longer allows him to work with “the special skill sets” he possesses. In other words, the rap mogul has moved on from the person he used to be a street hustler. Furthermore, he notes that his current position offers no real platform for him to release anymore “trap muzik”.

    T.I. Considers Life A Series Of Adjustments At His Age

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    via Black Enterprise

    When it comes to T.I., the man always looks for a new business opportunity. Though, from the looks of it, he’s not keen on releasing any trap rap music. In continuation of his interview with Billy Bellamy, T.I. said his decision to not make trap music also hinged on the idea of life being a series of “adjustments.” It’s true that T.I.’s life has changed since his more youthful days as a street hustler. While he’s done away with “trap muzik”, he may be still eager to drop more new music.  

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