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    SZA Got The Part

    Often times, musicians and movie stars find themselves involved in more than one project at a time. Whether that be endorsements, beauty shoots, or even filming, they’re always looking for the next biggest thing. Of course, singer SZA has followed in the footsteps of her peers by auditioning for an acting gig. Even better, she got the part. Looks like SZA will be taking on the big screen soon.

                SZA Will Have A Part In An Acting Gig


    Whenever stars score the starring role in a movie or tv show, they keep quiet about the details. SZA appears particularly keen on keeping her debut acting role a secret. Furthermore, the “Better Days” singer took to Instagram on Friday to reveal the news that she “got the part” on an upcoming acting gig. She celebrated the occasion by posting a video of her friends’ congratulatory cake. “Can’t believe I got the part I wanted. She’s an actress,” SZA wrote on her Instagram stories. Clearly, the news put the singer in good spirits and around even better company.

                The Crtl Singer Failed To Reveal The Nature Of The Project

    via Hypebae

    Though, the debut actress failed to disclose any details pertaining to her new acting gig. Sources don’t know whether SZA will star in a film or a television show. Whatever the part may be, the project must be pretty huge to keep this quiet about. Not to mention, there’s an infinite number of great films and tv shows that SZA could star in. In due time, fans will finally see SZA on the big screen (or little screen).


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