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    SZA Calls Out States For Banning Racism Being Taught In Schools

    During the year of 2020, racial tensions were at their highest when protestors demanded justice for the black victims who suffered at the hands of police brutality. The cases of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor will forever remain in the American people’s minds. While some justices have been served for the black community, others remain obsolete. Recently, several states banned the teachings of Racism in schools. Now several individuals, including celebrities like R&B singer SZA, have called out these states for their blatant disregard of African American History.

                Singer Calls Out States For Banning Critical Race Theory In Schools

    via Paper Magazine

    Last Sunday, SZA took to Twitter to air out her frustrations over a recent ban to teach Critical Race Theory in schools. Many sources reported that the bans have taken root in states like Tennessee and Texas. Furthermore, the theory examines the “role that racism played in the preservation of structural and institutional elements of the United States.” Additionally, it hinges on the theory that these institutions in place have led to the unequal treatment of different races.

    Though, some critics argue that the Critical Race Theory hardly exists in the schools today. Even so, SZA called out the states who’ve banned a critical part of African American History. “Can’t explain how disrespectful it is to give ‘hip hop’ a holiday but allow Tennessee and Texas to literally BAN teaching about racism. We ain’t ask for no f***king monument. Do the right thing,” the singer wrote on Twitter. Honestly, we couldn’t agree more with SZA.

                The U.S Senate Makes HipHop An Official Holiday

    via Hypebeast

    In SZA’s tweet, she also addressed the U.S Senate’s new ruling that made HipHop an official holiday. For years, the HipHop community has fought for recognition in the United States. They finally received their win back in July. Now the United States recognizes August 11 as HipHop Celebration Day and November 2021 as HipHop History Month. However, SZA didn’t view the U.S Senate’s efforts as a positive transgression, especially after schools decided to ban the teachings of racism. Arguably, the U.S Senate’s efforts do come off as sketchy.

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