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    Swae Lee Reported $300K Worth Of Stolen Jewelry

    Some stars just have bad luck when it comes to protecting their propertry. Rapper and singer Swae Lee certainly has a hard time keeping track of his possessions. Recently, the rapper celebrated his 28th birthday at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach this past week. However, his birthday bash ended on a bad note. Furthermore, Swae Lee reported that $300K worth of jewelry was stolen from his hotel room prior to checkout. The robbery comes as the latest stunt against the rapper, since his hard-drive was stolen back in 2020. Talk about bad luck.

                      The Rapper Reported Stolen Jewelry

    stolen jewelry
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    High-profile celebrities lose their possessions all the time. Furthermore, Swae Lee lost $300K worth of jewelry this past week at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach. That’s thousands of dollars gone down the drain.

    TMZ reported that Lee checked out the hotel on June 10th. Prior to leaving, he informed authorities that someone stole a few of his possessions. According to Swae Lee, his bracelet and chains had gone missing. Soon after the rapper reported the missing items, a hotel staff member retrieved his bracelet. However, the staff failed to find the rapper’s missing chains. Fortunately, the hotel has released a statement claiming their full cooperation in finding the rest of the star’s possessions. No further details have been released about the case. If Swae Lee recovers all of his missing items this time, he’ll be one lucky guy.

                Swae Lee Paid The Price For His Stolen Possessions

    stolen jewelry
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    Being on the road a lot can make someone prone to loosing their stuff all the time. Swae Lee, as well as other celebrities have had their items stolen nonstop. While their belongings have been returned, they’ve sometimes had to pay a hefty price for its recovery.

    Back in December 2020, Swae Lee lost his hard drive that contained all new music. At the time, Lee offered $20,000 for the recovery of the stolen hard drive. Luckily, a fan recovered the stolen item but demanded $150,000 instead. Moreover, sources reported that Swae Lee and the individual came to some sort of agreement. Wonder what type of agreement the star will establish with the next person who recovers his stolen jewels.

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