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    Suns-Bucks NBA Finals 2021; Phoenix Leads 2-1.

    Suns-Bucks NBA Finals 2021

    The NBA Finals are upon us. Our two teams are Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks. Currently, the Phoenix Suns are leading the series 2-0. In both games their final score was 118. The Suns’ standout stars have been Devin Booker and Chris Paul.However, it’s not all on their shoulders. As in the playoffs, the Suns have been balanced as a team and everyon is willing to take the shots and make the plays which makes them quite the formidable team.

    While, at a 2 game deficit, Milwaukee is not out of it yet. Can they adjust and come out strong in Game 3? Homecourt gives them advantage if they make the most out of that opportunity. If their record is anything, they have the best home record so that is in their favor. Considering their history against eh Brooklyn Nets, they could recover as they have been in this position before.

    NBA Finals: Game 1

    Game one saw the Suns absolutely dominating the Bucks in all four quarters. Chris paul had 32 points. Devin Booker scored 27 points.

    NBA Finals: Game
    Chris Paul, Devin Booker for Phoenix Suns.
    NBA FInals Suns-Bucks. Phoenix leads 2-0

    “We’ve been building all season long for these moments.”

    -Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns

    First:  30-26

    Second: 57-49

    Third: 92-76

    Final: 118-105

    NBA Finals: Game 2

    Game Two, the Bucks had a early lead in the first but that was all they could managed before the Suns took control once again. Phoenix shot 50% from the three-point range while Milwaukee was only 29% shots. Devin Booker scored 31 points and Chris Paul had 23.

    First:  26-28

    Second: 56-45

    Third: 88-78

    Final: 118-108

    “We’ve got to go back home and protect home.”

    -Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks

    Game 3 and Beyond: Suns-Bucks


    July 11 Game 3 8 p.m. ABC
    July 14 Game 4 9 p.m. ABC
    July 17 Game 5* 9 p.m. ABC
    July 20 Game 6* 9 p.m. ABC
    July 22 Game 7* 9 p.m. ABC

    * If necessary

    Game 3: What else do we know?

    • Phoenix Suns’ Forward Torrey Craig will play in Game 3.
    • Milwaukee will be hosting Game 3 & 4; has homecourt advantage

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