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    Store Clerk “Irks” Nicki Minaj After Mistaking Her For Trina

    Nicki Minaj has had several interesting fan interactions in the last few months. A few weeks ago, she had to fight off fans during the Wireless Festival in London. This time, though, Nicki Minaj had another experience with a fan that we never thought possible. This week, the “Seeing Green” rapper allegedly walked into a store, where the store clerk mistaken her for Trina and that surely made Nicki Minaj mad. Talk about a case of mistaken identity.

    A Store Clerk Thinks Nicki Minaj Looks Like Trina


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    Of course, celebrities are starting to look more and more alike in one way or another. Though, there’s definitely no similarities between Nicki Minaj and Trina. Unless Trina has a twin sister walking around somewhere, it’s not difficult to tell the two rappers apart. Though, don’t tell that to the store clerk Nicki Minaj ran into this week.

    On August 3, Minaj uploaded a video on TikTok where she explained the bizarre and hilarious ordeal. After leaving a meeting, Minaj decided to make a short errand run on her way home. When she was ready to check out at the cash register, the male store clerk stared at her.

    Furthermore, Minaj details that the store associate tried to communicate a secret message to her, keeping the rapper’s identity under wraps. Minaj says that she leaned in as he said, “I’ve been listening to you all day . . .” Though he goes on to add that his favorite song is “the one with TrickDaddy.” Clearly, the store clerk didn’t realize that he was talking to Nicki Minaj, not Trina.

    Super Freaky Girl Will Be Dropping Soon

    store clerk
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    Obviously, the store clerk could use a lesson or two on correctly identifying rap stars. Unfortunately, Minaj was mad about the mix-up. Though, she didn’t think on the ordeal too long. After all, she has enough to worry about, such as her newest single “Super Freaky Girl” dropping in a few days.

    The new mom has been teasing snippets of the track and taking polls over the song’s title all over social media. Most recently, she took to Instagram and Twitter to share with fans that the record will drop August 12. Be sure to catch the track when it drops.

    Also, try to not confuse Nicki Minaj’s songs with Trina’s music.

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