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    Steve Lacy Responds To Rude Fans: ‘I’m A Human Being, Not A Robot’

    Steve Lacy Dealing with Unruly Fans During Tour

    Steve Lacy encountered unruly fans during his Give You The World Tour. At a recent concert in New Orleans, a fan threw a disposable camera at him. Video footage captured the moment when Lacy asked for the camera back and then proceeded to smash it.

    In response to the incident, Lacy halted the show to address the audience about proper concert behavior. He emphasized the importance of refraining from throwing objects at him. Some reports suggest that Lacy walked off stage, abruptly ending the performance for the night. Unfortunately, the actions of one fan ruined the experience for others.

    A Fan Pissed Off Steve Lacy

    Lacy Faces Backlash, Stands by His Actions

    Lacy’s reaction received criticism from internet trolls and others, but he stands by his decision to smash the fan’s camera. Taking to Instagram, the 24-year-old expressed gratitude towards those who behaved appropriately during the show and condemned those who didn’t.

    He reiterated that he is not a manufactured media product but a genuine human being. It’s crucial for people to remember that celebrities have emotions too. It’s time to show them the respect they deserve.

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