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    Steve Jobs’ Porsche: The story behind the hidden cars

    Steve Jobs’ Porsche: The Story Behind the Hidden Cars That Sealed the Deal

    Key Takeaways:

    1. The Power of Creativity: Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, used his creativity to secure a significant investment for his new company, NeXT. He hid his Porsche 911 to create an impression of financial need, which eventually led to a $20 million investment from Ross Perot.
    2. Persistence Pays Off: Jobs didn’t give up on recruiting Randy Adams, a talented software developer, for NeXT. His persistence paid off when Adams finally agreed to join the company.
    3. The Butterfly Effect: This story illustrates how small actions can lead to significant outcomes. Jobs’ decision to hide his Porsche may have played a crucial role in securing Perot’s investment, which greatly benefited NeXT and potentially influenced the formation of Apple Inc.
    4. Thinking Outside the Box: Jobs’ unconventional approach to problem-solving serves as a reminder that in business, those who think differently can achieve remarkable results.
    5. Hidden Stories: The tale of Steve Jobs’ hidden Porsche is one of many untold stories about his life, revealing a fascinating insight into his unique approach to business.

    This intriguing story about Steve Jobs’ hidden Porsche and the significant impact it had on his business ventures is sure to pique your curiosity. Dive into the full article to uncover more about this captivating tale! 🚗💨

    Sometimes, in business, doing things in a different way can lead to essential deals. This is what happened in 1985 when Steve Jobs, who helped start Apple, did something surprising to get a significant investment for his new company, NeXT. Steve Jobs was known for being really smart and good at solving problems. He used his creativity and didn’t follow the usual ways to get money for his company.

    After Steve Jobs died in 2011, we learned more exciting stories about his life, especially when he was starting Apple. We usually learn about Steve Jobs from books and people who knew him, but there are still many untold stories about him. One of those stories is about how he hid his fancy car, a Porsche 911, to get money for NeXT.

    In 1985, Steve Jobs was working hard on NeXT. He wanted to make advanced computers for schools and businesses. He knew that sometimes, you have to use unique and different ideas to succeed. This is one of those stories.

    Steve Jobs asked Randy Adams, who was really good at making software, to join his company. But Randy said no because he wasn’t ready to work after selling his own software company. However, Steve Jobs didn’t give up. He left a strong message on Randy’s answering machine, saying that this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

    Randy changed his mind and joined NeXT. He used some of the money from selling his company to buy a Porsche 911, just like Steve Jobs. Both of them loved their cars and wanted to keep them safe. So, they parked their Porsches using three parking spaces to ensure no one would damage them.

    But one day, something surprising happened. Steve Jobs came to Randy and said,

    “We need to hide the Porsches.”

    Randy was surprised and asked why. Steve Jobs explained,

    “Ross Perot is coming to visit, and he might invest in our company. We don’t want him to think we have a lot of money.”

    They quickly moved their fancy cars, Porsches, to a hidden spot behind the NeXT offices in California so a man named Ross Perot wouldn’t see them. It might sound weird, but Steve Jobs did this to make it seem like NeXT needed some money.
    Guess what?

    Ross Perot gave NeXT a lot of money, $20 million, which was super helpful for them. This helped NeXT a lot and might have even played a part in starting Apple Inc. This story teaches us that sometimes, even little things can cause massive changes, kind of like when a butterfly moves its wings.

    Steve Jobs’ idea to hide his Porsche to get some money might seem strange, but it shows that he was really good at finding creative ways to solve problems. It reminds us that in business, people who think differently can do fantastic stuff.

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