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    Stefan Pierre, London Artist Drops Single

    HypeFresh had a conversation with Stefan Pierre to discuss ‘Girls Gone Mad,’ lifestyle habits and potential collaborations.

    Who is Stefan Pierre?

    I am a British artist, commercial fashion model, reality TV personality and entrepreneur. I started a Marketing agency called Stef cam digital.
    During the lockdown, I was inspired to create a hospitality app called for food delivery.

    How do you describe your personality?

    I am caring, bubbly and motivated. I love to have a good time.

    What is your musical background?

    I grew up around music. Growing up, my mom always played music. As I got older, I surrounded myself with people in the industry.

    Who are some of your industry connections?

    Joel Edwards. He’s a producer. His record ‘Deepest Blue” went No. 1 in Eastern Europe. And DJ Ironik, a DJ well known in the pop scene.

    By far, what was your favorite performance?

    Cafe de Paris, first show in front of 1500 Brits. Then I was on stage with Kanye West in 2016 at Brits. I remember standing there with lights flashing all over. That experience inspired me to pursue music. There were 40 people on stage. Everyone had on track suits. It was a good vibe.

    Who are your music influences?

    Justin Bieber is super talented. He’s come a long way. KSI is another one of my influences. He has aYouTube background and found a way to monetize his platform. His lyrical content is uplifting like mine. And I love 6ix9ine for his creativity and his out of this world energy.

    What happened in your love life to draw you to Tinder and professional dating shows like First Dates, Love Machine, Celebs Go Dating, Undressed, Dinner Date?

    When I was growing up, I was an only child. I didn’t have my parents around, so I started going out. My mum was a single mum. She worked a lot. I found pleasure in the dating scene. I had a few relationships and nothing really worked out for me.

    What do you write about in your music?

    My music is about general life for now. I see myself becoming more vulnerable after I’ve lived some more. I definitely need to have more experiences first.

    Who do you see yourself collaborating with in the future?

    AJ Tracey then KSI. Maybe Jesy from Little Mix too. Those would be good energy.

    What was Valentine’s Day like with Damu after ditching Tinder?

    Actually, I’m single. The pandemic was rough. After spending so much time together, we figured that we were better off as friends. I’ve been focusing on getting my music out there, especially with the release of my new single ‘Girls Go Mad’.

    What is the inspiration behind ‘Girls Go Mad’?

    Some of my exes went mad on me. I needed to express how bad my dating experiences were. It was my fault. I chose the wrong women. I found myself putting in more than they did. Relationships should definitely have a balance. At the same time, it’s catchy. It’s a song people can vibe to as we come out of lockdown.

    What was the process like?

    The process went smoothly. Cashino was my producer. He makes beats for brands and commercials. He also co-wrote the song. It took about a year to complete Thor song. There was a lot of mixing and mastering to get it where we wanted it.

    How do you market yourself and engage with fans?

    From time to time, I make videos of national dating tips. I also do polls and respond to as many people as I can. I occasionally get videos from fans saying they appreciate me for helping them find the perfect partner. It feels nice to give back to the world.

    How in tune are you with your mental health?

    Due to lockdown and being a creative, I would say I’m more aware. I’ve learned that the more you’re aware of it, the better you are able to take care of yourself. I also read positive affirmations.

    What is your greatest form of self care?

    Doing my hobby which is aviation, making music, getting quality sleep, eating right and taking care of myself.

    In addition to music and love, how long have you been a pilot? Talk about that journey.

    When I was younger, I always pointed to the planes in the sky. I got a signed autobiography from Richard Branson.
    In fact, I was an air scout before becoming an air glider. I put all my money in flight classes. I’ve been flying since I was 13 and started flying solo at 16.

    What’s the most beautiful place you have visited?

    I fly a Cessna 152. I flew my buddy’s PA-28 once. The farthest I’ve flown is to the Isle of Wight. I plan on flying to France by the end of July.

    Do you feel more adrenalin from flying or performing?

    I get more adrenaline from flying. It’s a surreal feeling. I get a similar buzz from both though.

    Are you still signed to MOT and Nemesis modeling agencies?

    No, I’m with D1 Models and DAMAN Modeling Agency in Turkey. I was first signed in 2008 by Abercrombie and Fitch and have connected with the most notable models in the industry.

    What was your most enjoyable brand partnership?

    Hennessy. I was on set with Rodney Scott for 5 days. Being in his presence was out of this world. I was a pilot for the ad. It was shot in Prague Studios. I was driven around and given an allowance everyday. It was my most paid job to date.

    What was your creative process like during the pandemic?

    ‘Girls Gone Mad’ came to life. I also worked on the app. I modeled here and there during the lockdown as well. For most of the sets, if you weren’t Covid tested, you had to keep your distance, but for everyone else the atmosphere was normal.

    What else can fans expect from Stefan Pierre in 2021?

    Fans can look out for a song release every 6-8 weeks. If they’re ever feeling low, they can turn in because my songs will create the vibe of a happier and better time. In the meantime, listen to ‘Girls Go Mad’ which dropped May 7.
    Stefan Pierre’s mantra is, “don’t let your short term problems effect your long term goals.”

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