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    SpotemGottem In A High Speed Chase With Miami Police

    It’s no secret that rappers and police don’t mix. In Miami this week, Florida rapper SpotemGottem found himself in a high speed chase with the police after refusing to stop. Rather than speeding away in a luxury car, the “Beat Box” rapper sped away on a jet ski. Unfortunately, SpotemGottem paid the consequences for his actions. High speed chases are surely dangerous.

    A Police Officer Tries To Stop SpotemGottem

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    Artists tend to get big-headed once they have a taste of fame. SpotemGottem certainly basks in all his riches. Unfortunately, the 19-year-old found himself in a world of trouble when a police officer tried to pull him over on a jet ski. 

    On Tuesday, FOX News reported that Miami Police discovered a black and orange Seadoo jet ski parked in a restricted area. The officers believed the motor vehicle belonged to rapper SpotemGottem. Making matters worse, the “BeatBox” rapper performed unsafe maneuvers with the jet ski near anchored boats. Furthermore, the charges continued to rake up for the Jacksonville native when he refused to stop, after Miami police warned him several times. Clearly, SpotemGottem wanted to avoid the police at all costs .

    SpotemGottem Faces Serious Charges

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    Eventually, the cops caught up with the rapper during the high speed chase. A police report obtained from the Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department showed that officers charged the star with a laundry list of charges. Two
    of them included eluding law enforcement and reckless operation of a boat. Furthermore, the Florida rapper was scheduled for a court appearance before Tuesday.

    Hopefully, the judge cuts SpotemGottem some slack. After all, he’s young and still has a lot of growing up to do.

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