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    Southside’s Son Puts Racist Teacher On Blast

    In today’s changing world, racism still exists. Recently, Southside’s son dealt with a racist schoolteacher. Unfortunately, the viral clip shows the white teacher claiming that he’s the “superior race.” Southside has since responded to the video, arguing for change to take place.

                Southside’s Son Films Racist Teacher

    It goes without saying that no one should be debased to less than a human being, especially children. Unfortunately, some schools don’t have protocols in place to protect all students. While everyone has the right to an education, some schoolteachers discriminate against black students. As mentioned before, Southside’s son put a teacher on blasts for being racist.

    Furthermore, his son showed the video to the 808Mafia producer.  Throughout the duration of the video, Southside’s son calls out the teacher for mistreating him. Though, the conversation digs deeper, as Southside’s son and his friends accuse the teacher of being a racist. Eventually, the white male teacher confesses that he’s “ethnocentric” and wholeheartedly believes “his race is superior.” Arguably, that teacher shouldn’t have been allowed to teach there in the first place.

                The 808Mafia Producer Calls Out The Teacher

    Soon after, Southside shared his son’s video to his Instagram page. In the captions, he gave a lengthy response to the clip, noting at how disturbed he is at the teacher’s blatant racism. Other stars such as BIA, Herbo G and Doe Boy have responded to the video clip, showing their distaste for the teacher.

    Southside goes on to say that he taught his son to stand up for himself. If there’s one thing the producer has done right, he’s raised a strong child.


    1. Is this teacher still teaching? What pressure has the school board put on the teacher to correct the problem? This man needs to be pressured out of teaching especially young black students.

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