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    South Carolina’s Gameova1k Puts His City On The Map With “Poppin Tags”

    It seems like almost every state on the right side of the country has had its time in the spotlight. Even places like New Jersey and Wisconsin have had their moments of greatness. So why not give a chance to a state like South Carolina? It’s in a great location, being in the South, and has its own unique culture. With the internet age upon us, I believe that’s about to change very soon.

    Lack of Representation in South Carolina

    When it comes to notable rappers from SC, the only one that comes to mind is Slime Dollaz. However, his recurring legal troubles have hindered his career. But there’s a rising artist named Gameova1k who has the potential to fill that void left by Slime Dollaz. You’d think he’s been rapping for ages based on how confident he sounds on the mic. Surprisingly, he has only released a few songs on streaming platforms. Gameova1k has the ability to put South Carolina on the map.

    Recently, he released a new single called “Poppin Tags,” which caters to the big spenders out there. But don’t get me wrong, it’s still an enjoyable track even if you’re not financially well-off. The lyrics are motivating enough to inspire you to get up and make money yourself. The timing of this song couldn’t have been better.

    “Scared Money Don’t Make Money”

    It’s inspiring to hear him talk about taking risks, especially when you see him reaping the rewards in the music video. In the video, we see scenes of him and his crew.

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