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    Dro Kenji Talks Love & Fame On “Anywhere But Here”

    The SoundCloud rap scene has certainly seen a huge rise in the last few years. Countless streaming-giants like Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Pump have taken over the rap scene. Not to mention, they’ve paved the way for others like South Carolina rapper Dro Kenji.

    Furthermore, the 20-year-old’s rise to fame is based solely on the power of the Internet. The young emcee went from dropping mixtapes whilst in high school to now scoring millions of Spotify streams. Thus far, he’s released two albums and a hit single “Kill Cupid” ft. $Not. Additionally, Dro Kenji performed at several shows, such as Rolling Loud x RapTv’s extravaganza at Stubbs. He’s even received co-signs from Variance Magazine. Even better, he received a shoutout from Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow admitted to playing Kenji’s songs on repeat before a game. Clearly, Dro Kenji has serious star power.

    Now fans know the South Carolina rapper for his ability to capture both an “apathy and aspiration of his generation.” Not to mention, who could deny his equally captivating, emotional voice and storytelling style.

    On the fast track to stardom, Kenji has been gearing up for the release of his next album Anywhere But Here. Furthermore, the project comes as the first record with his record label Mira Touch/Internet Money Records/10K Projects. In his newest album, we find Dro Kenji talking about his relationship woes.

    The South Carolina Rapper Talks About His Love Life

    When it comes to Dro Kenji’s music, he often touches on topics of relationships, love and all the drama that comes with it. The rapper knows that with any type of relationship, nothing is ever guaranteed. People change and so do relationships. In Anywhere But Here, the 20-year-old has nothing but love-infused melodies.

    Full of cinematic instrumentals, the project finds the rapper mixing the ups and downs of his love life with more menacing flex tracks. His “Oh Wow” track finds the rapper boasting about being at the top of his game. He even compared himself to Martin Luther King. Not sure if using the legendary black activist is the same as being a rapper. Though, there’s no denying that the 20-years-old has serious power in his voice and bars.

    Dro Kenji Is On The Rise To Success

    Dro Kenji
    via Earmilk

    The South Carolina artist has an impressive discography. Not only has he released a handful of tracks but arguably, they’re great records. His diction and execution definitely will remind listeners of Juice WRLD. Continuing the SoundCloud rap music genre, Kenji proves he’s an interesting up and coming act. Be sure to catch the South Carolina rapper’s latest album Anywhere But Here out August 26.


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