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    Rapper AKA Shot Dead in a Drive-By Shooting

    South African rapper AKA was shot dead in Durban just hours before a scheduled performance. His death has shocked fans and the music industry alike.

    The rapper was on a delayed birthday celebration when he was allegedly gunned down in a drive-by shooting. The incident has sparked condemnation of South Africa’s high murder rate.

    AKA’s Instagram post

    AKA was an acclaimed rapper who helped shape South Africa’s hip-hop scene, and his death has sparked mourning among his fans. He was one of the country’s top songwriters and took many elements from local music genres like amapiano and kwaito to create his own unique style.

    In his last Instagram post, AKA praised his upcoming album and shared a video of himself working in the studio and posing for a photo shoot. He also shared a link to pre-order the album.

    On Friday night, rapper AKA shot dead in the coastal city of Durban in South Africa. He was planning to celebrate his birthday that evening at a nightclub, and police said that he died alongside another man who was identified by news reports as his close friend.

    The rapper’s death has sparked an outpouring of grief and support from the world of hip-hop, with his peers sharing their condolences and prayers on social media. Swizz Beatz shared several crying emojis underneath the statement from AKA’s family on his Instagram.

    Forbes, who went by the rap name AKA, won multiple South African awards and was nominated for a Black Entertainment Television award in the United States and an MTV Europe music award. He was slated to perform in Durban on Friday, and had been scheduled to release his latest album, Mass Country, on February 27.

    He was shot and killed as he was walking to his car on Florida Road in Durban, according to BBC and other outlets. AKA and the other man, who was identified by news reports as entrepreneur Tebello Motsoane, were approached by two armed suspects and shot at point-blank range, police said. The two men were killed at the scene, and police have not identified any suspects.

    AKA’s killing was the latest in a string of recent violence against musicians in South Africa. In November, a DJ who was a member of the popular South African house music subgenre amapiano was killed in a drive-by shooting in Johannesburg. A parliamentary committee on arts and culture has called on the government to protect artists from these types of attacks.

    AKA’s death

    The South African rapper, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes popularly known as AKA was shot dead on Friday night. The news of his death came as a shock to fans and followers.

    AKA is an award-winning rapper who has had a successful career in the music industry. He gained recognition after releasing the hit single Victory Lap, which was part of his debut album, Alter Ego, in 2011. Since then, he has released several top-notch songs and studio projects that have gone platinum over time.

    As a rapper, AKA has collaborated with many artists from different countries in Africa and beyond. His lyrics are heartfelt, insightful, and refined.

    In addition to his rapping skills, AKA is also a brilliant entrepreneur. He has a production company that he started with two colleagues, Buks and Kamza. He has opened for renowned international stars including Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and Big Sean in their tours to South Africa.

    He has also partnered with vodka brands such as Cruz to launch a watermelon-flavored drink that bears his name. He has performed at major shows all over the world.

    AKA is a talented rapper who hails from Cape Town, South Africa. He was born on January 28th, 1988 and has been in the music industry for over a decade now.

    Although AKA had a relatively modest beginning, his hard work and determination paid off. He attended Holy Cross Convent and Greenside Primary School in Cape Town before graduating from St. John College in Johannesburg.

    After finishing his education, AKA became a professional rap artist and began releasing music. He soon became a popular face in the local music industry.

    Besides his rapping skills, AKA is an incredibly gifted singer as well. He has sung for many celebrities and has won several awards for his songs.

    According to his biography, AKA is a talented rapper who hails form Cape Town, South Africa. He was born Kiernan Jarryd Forbes on January 28th, 1988 and has been a popular face in the local music industry.

    He has sung for many celebrities and had won several awards for his songs.

    AKA’s daughter

    The death of rapper AKA has prompted outpourings of grief and sympathy from fans, as well as artists, government officials and others across South Africa. The renowned hip-hop star, whose legal name was Kiernan Forbes, was shot dead outside a restaurant in Durban on Friday night, along with another man.

    AKA was a well-known figure in South Africa’s hip-hop community, known for his catchy, fast-paced lyrics and charismatic stage presence. His rap style often featured the accompaniment of a band, which set him apart from other rappers in the country and around Africa.

    He was born in Cape Town, where he was raised by his grandmother. He later moved to Johannesburg, where he attended a private school. He also grew up with his mother Lynne Forbes, who was a teacher.

    AKA started rapping in his early teens. He joined a group called Entity, which featured rappers Vice Versa and Greyhound. The group won several awards and made a huge impact in the South African music industry.

    After leaving the group, AKA branched out on his own, and released several hit songs. He won numerous music awards and gained recognition from major media outlets in South Africa and across the world.

    Despite being in the spotlight, AKA has always been humble and humbled by the love of his fans. He even penned an obituary for his late fiancee Nelli Tembe, describing her as “the best woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of being with.”

    However, AKA’s heart was still in Durban, where he lived with his mother and daughter. He owned a R197 million mansion in the city and frequently performed in concerts in the area.

    The 35-year-old was in the midst of releasing his latest album, Mass Country, and was scheduled to perform in Durban. His family and fans were shocked to hear of his death on Friday, hours before the show.

    As the news of AKA’s death spread, DJ Zinhle (Ntombezinhle Jiyane), who was once in a relationship with AKA, took to her social media account to share photos of her ex and his daughter. In one photo, AKA is holding his daughter in his arms and toasting her with a bottle of champagne.

    AKA’s funeral

    The death of rapper AKA has left the South African music community in a state of shock. He was shot dead outside a popular eatery in Durban, reportedly in a drive-by shooting. In addition, AKA’s bodyguard and close friend were also killed in the incident.

    AKA’s funeral is expected to take place soon and his family has sent an official statement asking for prayers while they grieve. Several celebrities have already visited his home in Bryanston to pay their respects, including DJ Zinhle, Oskido, and Da L.E.S.

    According to a report by The Times, the multi-award winning musician was fatally shot during a drive-by shooting in Durban on Friday night. He was reportedly standing outside Wish Restaurant on Florida Road at the time of the incident.

    As expected, many social media users are mourning AKA and paying tributes to the rapper’s contributions to South Africa’s music industry. In addition to sharing their thoughts, they’re also reliving the Congratulate hitmaker’s career achievements with videos of his best performances.

    The rapper’s mother Lynn Forbes has been a vocal supporter of the South African music industry and has taken to Twitter to pay tribute to her son. She even dubbed him the “king of the music business” and called on other industry players to up their game.

    Several local celebs, including AKA’s daughter Kairo, have been spotted at his home in Bryanston to pay their respects to the slain rapper. In fact, the rapper’s baby mama DJ Zinhle was spotted walking to his house with her longtime friend Oskido in a video posted by Newzroom Afrika on Twitter.

    However, it was DJ Zinhle’s choice of clothing that caught the attention of Twitter users. She wore a pair of pants and a beanie hat as she paid her respects to the slain rapper. The tweet spawned a lot of controversy among tweeps, who argued that she should have worn something more suitable for her gender and cultural background.

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